Calisthenics In Puerto Vallarta.

Human Interest
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A millennia-old discipline accessible to all.

Puerto Vallarta is a city that provides all the necessary tools for the emancipation of human virtues, with its marvelous natural spaces and the abundance generated by international tourism. Our city has everything necessary for everyone to succeed. And one of the great challenges for Vallarta's residents is to possess a strengthened body to show off on the beaches and in the pools; many go to the gym, while others enroll in various disciplines to meet the challenge of staying in shape for photos.

Today we present Calisthenics, which is a millennia-old discipline. The word Calisthenics has an etymological root from ancient Greek "Kallisthenés," meaning full of vigor, being part of the general culture of the people. Probably, like other activities, it passed from the Greeks to the Latins. Calisthenics in modern times dates back to 1785 when gym teacher Christian Carl André put it into practice at the Salzman school when the weather didn't allow outdoor exercises.

The concept of Calisthenics has evolved to the present day, so there is no exact definition that fits current conception. Therefore, we have chosen to define it as the set of exercises aimed at developing basic physical capacities through one's own weight, being able to be performed in non-specific spaces, relying on balance and body control for physical and mental development.

Calisthenics has been present in numerous fields, such as circus activities or sports gymnastics; moreover, it has undergone multiple modifications and new conceptions such as CrossFit, which has shades of it, using implements to achieve its goal, TRX or suspension training, which uses straps for body weight work, making it possible to train in numerous places. Another novel trend is Pole Dancing with great impact among the female gender, consisting of technical strength and flexibility exercises on a pole.

In Puerto Vallarta, you can practice with a team of professionals who gather at the Agustín Flores Contreras Sports Complex, at the outdoor gym facilities. If you don't have dumbbells, bars, weights, or training machines around you, your best option for training is undoubtedly Calisthenics.