Remembering the Vallarta Painter Manuel Lepe

Art and Music
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Since 1998, April 17 was designated as Manuel Lepe Day, the date of the birth of the Illustrious Son of Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta remembered its illustrious son, the painter Manuel Lepe Macedo, who was born on April 17, 1936, and became the first Vallarta artist to achieve various connections with the rest of the world in entertainment, art, and culture.


In the words of the city's chronicler, Juan Manuel Gómez Encarnación, the strokes of simplicity were his tools to draw the happy and generous environment in which he lived. With unparalleled sensitivity, he reflected in his work the diaphanous and primal spirit of the community that saw him born. Puerto Vallarta recognizes his legacy, knows the value of his paintings in the national territory and his contribution to social assistance for global children through UNICEF, the United Nations.


Lepe's work highlights the recreation and revaluation of the landscape, the jungle, life, and the life of the port, shaping an environmental discourse that served to redefine the river, the sea, and the mountains.


Manuel Lepe gives a full identification with his city and its inhabitants, he radiates an exaltation of the experience in a world of light, in a world of joy, in a world of innocence.


Since 1998, 15 years after his passing from a brain aneurysm, April 17 of each year has been designated as his official day, and in 2010 the renowned artist was named Illustrious Son of Puerto Vallarta.


His paintings of children, angels, and Vallartan scenes and landscapes have brought joy into the homes of royalty, presidents, movie stars, art collectors, and to museums around the world. 




Manuel Lepe mural adorning a wall of the Naval Museum