Classical Ballet In Puerto Vallarta.

Art and Music
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The Dance of European Monarchies in Mexico.

Classical ballet arrived in Puerto Vallarta in the 1990s through small ballet academies that settled in the quaint town before experiencing exponential growth as it has today. The pioneering figure was Patricia Rodríguez with her brand "Arte, Danza y Cultura," and the second prestigious school to establish in Puerto Vallarta was "Pro-Danza," led by Deborah Bravo, which reached its peak performance around the turn of the millennium.

In the past, ballet academies catered mostly to girls or their mothers who enrolled them for recreational purposes. However, even within this system, Puerto Vallarta harbors innate talent among its youth, leading to the emergence of outstanding figures, especially from Deborah Bravo's school, which started exporting talents to Mexico City, Guadalajara, and abroad.

In 2010, new dance instructors emerged within the artistic community, along with new businesses offering opportunities to dancers. These opportunities included being hired by hotel entertainment companies that recruited dozens of male and female dancers for evening shows to entertain hotel guests.

The growing presence of dancers in the city led to the expansion and development of private dance academies. The only attempt from the Municipal Government to support ballet was in 2020 when an initiative was presented in the Honorable City Council to establish a tuition-free Formal Ballet School for the Municipality. Despite being approved by a qualified majority, no action was taken due to a change in administration.

Today, classical ballet survives thanks to the love of the people, the audience, and the young dancers who see this discipline as a way to explore their inner selves.