Goyo's Exhibition Inaugurated

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Isela Mariscal Gallery Opens Its Doors

On August 4th at 4 pm, the art exhibition "Transcending" was inaugurated at Isela Mariscal Gallery, presented by Alondra Jazmín Velez Mendoza, the niece of the late Vallarta painter, Gregorio Mendoza Cortés.

Alondra Jazmín Velez Mendoza, the niece of the deceased artist, organized this grand exhibition with the aim of continuing the legacy left by her uncle through his art. The showcase featured works created by him using various techniques, including oil painting, collage, and mixed media. Alondra, being very close to the artist, considers him not only a great master of art but also a profound teacher, father figure, and uncle.

For Alondra, Goyo was a significant mentor in every sense - an exceptional human being, an inspiring educator, a caring father, and a loving uncle. That is why she endeavors to bring his artwork to as many exhibition spaces as possible, thereby extending Goyo's presence beyond his physical life. She firmly believes that his art is alive and will continue to live on, as it is a unique and irreplaceable creation.

This tribute to Goyo serves as a way to preserve the memory of her beloved uncle. Alondra possesses dozens of paintings that she is eager to share, sell, and showcase in various galleries throughout Puerto Vallarta. Her plan is to continue sharing her uncle's work with the world.

The exhibition will be displayed at Isela Mariscal Gallery for 15 days, and afterwards, Alondra will take the paintings to other galleries in the municipality, as the artwork is intended for all audiences. She hopes that Vallarta locals will seize the opportunity to appreciate the local art scene in all its forms, as the city is rich in artistic expression and supporting it is crucial.