Leo Voz In Puerto Vallarta

Art and Music
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 A Journey into Acrobatic Dance

Leo Voz, a prominent dancer, teacher, and choreographer hailing from Monterrey, will be gracing Puerto Vallarta with his expertise in an Acrobatic Dance workshop. The seasoned dancer aims to propagate artistic education and encourage its integration into the daily lives of young individuals, engaging them in productive activities and fostering their commitment to society.

The technique of Acrobatic Dance is centered around harnessing energy through adrenaline-pumping exercises. By utilizing extreme energy as a catalyst, this training draws inspiration from radical practices such as parkour and wrestling, while also incorporating the foundational principles of classical ballet. This training has found applications both within the performing arts and among athletes, serving as the cornerstone of training for the group "Los Unos y los Otros," under the guidance of Maestro Mizraim Araujo.

Leonardo Veloz stands as an acrobatic dancer, a graduate of the Monterrey School of Music and Dance with a specialized degree in classical dance for males. He has enriched his skillset through courses and workshops encompassing modern movement techniques, release techniques, contact improvisation, juggling for corporeal expression, suspension techniques, acrobatic dance, and masterclasses conducted by diverse dance luminaries, focusing on choreography.

His repertoire includes interpretations of works by renowned choreographers like Mizraim Araujo, Luis Serrano, David Franco, Eduardo Vega, Jaime Sierra, Brisa Escobedo, Rosario Murillo, Juan Manuel Ramos Ávila, Lourdes Gracia, Roberto Machado, Zoila Fernández, Javier Rodríguez, and Oscar Ruvalcaba, among others.

Achieving the first place in the PDD category and the Male Performer title at the VI In-house Classical Dance Competition in 2014, Leonardo Voz's talent has also graced the international stage. He participated in the "YOUTH AMERICA GRAND PRIX" competition in 2014 in New York, securing the second place on a global scale with the ensemble choreography titled "Legion."

The workshop is scheduled from Monday, August 21st, to Friday, August 25th, running from 4 pm to 7 pm at the Ballet Ballarte Academy, hosted by Gabriel Casas. The academy is located at 120 Limón Street in the Tabachines neighborhood. For inquiries, you may contact 3221202657. The cost of participation in the workshop is $1000 per person.