12 Erotic Stories

Art and Music
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Presented by Naiat Sánchez.

Holistic therapist and meditation instructor, Naiat Sánchez, introduces her book, "12 Erotic Stories," along with a meditation session focusing on pleasure and the deservingness of pleasure. This additional offering stems from the recognition that often, the enjoyment of life's pleasures is accompanied by feelings of guilt or a sole pursuit of pleasure. In the modern era, individuals unconsciously seek a balance between deservingness and conscious enjoyment—not only in the realm of sexuality, but also in everyday life. This includes appreciating all that we possess, from the minutiae to aspects involving relationships. It's about cherishing life itself.

The book delves into female sexuality through 12 distinct narratives that primarily explore the theme of female sensuality. Across these 12 stories, diverse anecdotes are portrayed from a feminine perspective, at times touching on humor, melancholy, or less fortunate circumstances for women. Yet, each narrative maintains a delicately subtle, profoundly human, enjoyable, and easily comprehensible quality.

The journey from conceiving the idea for the book to seeing it published took approximately a year and a half. The idea was born during Naiat's study of sexuality and gender equity in a master's program. It emerged during an exercise led by an instructor. Naiat took the concept and worked on it, transforming it into written form to materialize dreams and unveil new talents.

The realm of female sexuality requires significant encouragement as progress is made within the realms of gender equality and feminism. However, when discussing female sexuality, lingering taboos and cultural resistances still impede progress and women's healing.

Holistic female sexuality involves a spiritual approach to learning about female sensuality. It engages with feminine dances that activate inner power through sexuality. The aim is to heal wounds from this lifetime or others, as well as wounds from lineage, motherhood, and ancestral sources.