Invitation To The 2023 Sports Award.

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Puerto Vallarta calls upon its most outstanding athletes.

The Constitutional City Council of Puerto Vallarta has issued an invitation to grant the Puerto Vallarta Sports Award for 2023. During a press conference held in the council chamber of Puerto Vallarta, attended by mayors from other municipalities such as Mascota, Cabo Corrientes, Tomatlán, and Mixtlán, as well as several sports secretaries, an agreement was reached for the organization of the Sports Awards ceremony within District 5 of Jalisco.

The announcement had previously been made across various social media platforms. However, it was essential for athletes to have a clear understanding of the criteria to participate and contend for the most prestigious sports award in the state of Jalisco.

The call is open to all residents who have demonstrated exceptional performance in sports-related activities or actions, as well as any remarkable contributions that benefit the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta or its residents, thereby earning them the right to receive the Puerto Vallarta Award. The award will be named after "Alfonso Díaz Santos" and will be granted to athletes who have earned admiration, respect, and recognition for their athletic achievements.

The eligibility criteria include being a resident of Jalisco and having a documented record of participation, including posthumous recognition. The award is open to both active and retired athletes. A jury will serve as the initial selection panel, and the City Council members will act as judges for the final approval. Ultimately, the information will be forwarded to state authorities, who will present the award as part of the Jalisco Bicentennial Awards. The exact date for the award presentation has not yet been determined.