The First Poetry Exhibition In Puerto Vallarta.

Art and Music
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Poetry on Display at Los Mangos Library.

Starting from 6 in the evening, the Los Mangos Library began to fill up with various poets and writers who, despite being scheduled for 7 pm, arrived early to enjoy the pleasure of more than 100 framed poems hanging on the walls of a library hall.

This event is undoubtedly unprecedented in the world of Literary Arts, and it's important to highlight how appealing the initiative of Vallarta artists is to the international art scene, as 10 framed poems were written in other languages.

Music, drinks, and cookies added a flavor to the night that goes beyond the words that can be expressed through each painting hanging on the wall. Some, very few, had no image – they were only letters suspended, but their body, their cadence, their rhythm, and their message managed to capture the viewer's gaze and emotion.

Isela Mariscal, the director of the Board of Los Mangos Library, was in charge of leading this project along with Jorge Batis and the entire community of poets and writers who donated one or several poems for the event. Around 35 different authors collaborated in the creation and framing of their own works, most of which were priced at $200.

The exhibition will remain there for a week, attempting to raise funds to help the users of the library engage in various activities and continue strengthening culture and art in Puerto Vallarta.