The CCV Party, co-organized by Flow Vallarta and Conecta Puerto Vallarta

Art and Music
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Is set to take place at "Mestizo Espresso and Bar" on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month.

The inaugural CCV Party took place on the evening of Friday, August 18th at "Mestizo Espresso and Bar" (, located near the Malecón on Allende Street in Puerto Vallarta. This marked the beginning of the latest initiative by the Centro Cultural Vallartense (, introducing an open mic for uninhibited expression. The mic served as a platform for rap, consciousness messages, songs, musical artworks, and a plethora of poetry.

Spaces like these play a pivotal role in promoting culture and art, breaking communication barriers, and bringing forth free expression into our lives. Ernesto Garrigós, Director of the Centro Cultural Vallartense, along with Michelle Young, Director of Operations at the Center, spearheaded this significant space for artists and anyone wishing to share a message with the world. "Words are consciousness, aren't they?" exclaimed Garrigós enthusiastically when asked about the center's intention for the night. Young added, "What we truly aim for is to bring together Vallarta's cultural and creative communities." CCV is Vallarta's oldest cultural center, and we want Vallarta and the Bay to unite to elevate the arts and co-create more opportunities for everyone. If people have a dream, we want to help make it come true. Everyone is welcome, from artists of all kinds to entrepreneurs; the mic is open to share art, ideas, and projects."

The bar's owner, the young Abdallahy Antonio (whose previous project was the popular and highly appreciated Museo 4D in Zona Romántica, adorned the area with 3D artworks, contributing to creating a culturally rich atmosphere. He also expressed his excitement and hinted at the idea of turning this activity into a weekly event, envisioning the formation of a community of individuals interested in freely expressing their ideas.

Furthermore, those who grant permission for their works, performances, and expressions can see them on social media. Community members also have the opportunity to fill out forms to share their dreams and ideas on the Centro Cultural Vallartense's website, which serves as the central hub for this ambitious project: We await the announcement to see if Vallarta residents will soon have a weekly appointment to engage in dialogue at Mestizo Espresso and Bar in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.