Closure Of Expo Poetry 2023.

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Poets and Writers Dismantle the Exhibition.

Following a week-long exhibition at the Los Mangos Library, the Community of Poets and Writers (PYE) organized the dismantling ceremony for their most representative works. With over 35 writers participating in this exhibition, this event comes to an end.

It is worth noting that there is nothing similar to Expo Poetry 2023 in the country, as it is a unique initiative by the Los Mangos Library and Puerto Vallarta. It is a collective exhibition where not visual artworks are displayed, but rather printed and framed literary works, sometimes accompanied by images that complement the text, and in other instances, creatively designed to present poetic phrases.

It all began with the final exhibition round at 6 in the evening on August 28th, followed by a photo session and a speech by the library's directors. Subsequently, recognition was given to all the exhibitors, and once the recognition was presented, the works were taken down.

In the end, attendees were invited to join the larger Community of Poets and Writers in Puerto Vallarta and work together to promote and spread literature in the Municipality. A cultured community is capable of upholding a dignified and world-ready city. Puerto Vallarta is precisely the kind of city the world needs, as it is a natural paradise; this is why it's in the spotlight of international tourism. The PYE community gathers on the last Monday of every month.