Young Vallarta Girl Presents Her First Book

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Gyneth Casab Writes to Help Others

"Plan to Solve a Problem" is the book written by Gyneth Casab, a young and compassionate girl who, at her tender age, is concerned about helping others. Her book provides a strategy for conviction to overcome fear, to believe in oneself, and to develop solutions for the challenges that life may present.

Gyneth Casab received warm support from students at her school, family members, and members of PYE, a community of poets and writers to which she belongs. She won a children's poetry contest within this community. In the presence of around 100 people, Gyneth introduced the work she had prepared for the benefit of both her acquaintances and strangers. The event was moderated by Isela Mariscal, the director of Los Mangos Library, who highlighted Gyneth's remarkable achievements at such a young age. Abigail Sánchez, Gyneth's mother, then shared the story of how the idea of writing this book came about. Finally, Gyneth explained the essence of her work, its intentions, and the ultimate goal that determines the book's title.

The essence of the book lies in the self-awareness that readers can develop when reading it. The intention is for every person who reads the book to acquire tools to find within themselves the solution to any problem they may encounter. The ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible, especially the youth of Gyneth's age, who often struggle with numerous problems they don't know how to resolve.

The book will be readily available at Los Mangos Library.