Julio Carrillo Initiates A New Mural.

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A Revolutionary Mural is Born.

High waves of joy are sweeping over as a beautiful work of art is in progress. The professor and muralist painter Julio Carrillo has commenced the creation of a mural and assures that it will be completed by next week, delighting the youth of Vallarta and the tourists who appreciate the muralistic beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

Julio Carrillo, originally from Atequiza in Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, Jalisco, studied at the Cabañas Institute for three years to perfect what came naturally to him. He shares that from a young age, he always enjoyed creating murals. Currently, he is the creator of a dozen murals in schools, streets, and squares of Puerto Vallarta. One of the most famous ones is located on the ascent to the viewpoint of La Cruz, another in La Aurora, and another in the Buenos Aires neighborhood.

Julio's themes always revolve around representing the roots of the Mexican people, the struggle of a community to defend its identity, restore its humanism, and embody its revolutionary essence. Julio states that he paints for the youth and is interested in the formative influence on the younger generation.

Regarding the new mural, he mentions that it will be completed next week. The revolutionary heroes took precedence, but he sketched it in black and white, portraying a revolutionary train transporting the warriors who made the significant changes brought about by the armed struggle. The mural also features images of small animals representing the love of Mexicans for life in general. It will also include elements representing Puerto Vallarta, such as the whale, the people, and the sea. Julio revisits the revolutionary foundations and Mexican history to encourage the youth to connect with their roots and homeland. His message is a call to reclaim what belongs to them as Mexicans.

Julio believes in social change and embeds this belief in his works, which speak for themselves. He is optimistic that the youth will refrain from engaging in negative antisocial practices and take a greater interest in their cultural heritage.