Tribute To Adán Leyva

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From Los Mangos Library

On Friday, January 12th, a tribute was held at Los Mangos Library in honor of Adán Leyva Ávalos for his outstanding career as a journalist. An emotional event that brought together friends, family, colleagues, and members of the charro community to honor a man who has dedicated 35 years to covering and sharing the world of charro through his column "Entre Piales y Manganas" (Between Ropes and Throws).

Master Jorge Bátiz, a leading literary and journalistic activist, was responsible for organizing the event with the support, of course, of Isela Mariscal, director of Los Mangos Library. This is one of the many activities that Los Mangos Library carries out to strengthen literary activities in Puerto Vallarta. Journalism is one of the most important literary activities for the world, which is why honoring members of the journalistic sector holds great value.

On the other hand, Adán Leyva is passionate about charro, and he has left a significant legacy for this sport. With his column, the native of Mazatlán has promoted the sport of charro, especially in Puerto Vallarta, where he quickly became the most important journalist at the state level on the subject of Charro through the Vallarta Opina Newspaper.

Apparently, 35 years have demonstrated the passion of this great writer, who felt greatly honored and moved during the event. In an act of gratitude for the affection of his readers and the initiative and support of Los Mangos Library, Adán Leyva donated a complete collection of books and magazines to the library so that there are always many topics to read in that institution.

There is still much to come from El Charro, Adán Leyva, who continues to give a lot to the readers of Puerto Vallarta, with passion, affection, and love for charro, which will always be the most Mexican sport. Let's hope that there will always be promotion and dissemination for this activity that Adán Leyva promoted with great fervor from the depths of his heart.