Love In Its Ink.

Art and Music
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The Poetry Recital for Lovers took place.

On Tuesday, February 13th at 6 pm, the poetry recital "Love in its Ink" was held, featuring distinguished members of the literary workshop "El Tintero." With various collaborators, as well as a poet and guitarist accompanying each literary display, the afternoon was filled with feelings.
Indeed, poetry fills spaces with memories and experiences, with passions and yearnings, with desires and losses. Melancholy, tears, and pain also made their presence felt at the Los Mangos Library, which hosted this wonderful event centered around Love.
"El Tintero" is a poetry and literature workshop that was born years ago in Puerto Vallarta and has promoted very important literary works, many of which are already considered valuable pieces for literature in Puerto Vallarta. Comprising several poets and writers from all over the world, they gather every Tuesday at 7 pm at the Café in Plaza Caracol.
To encourage the community, I leave the reflection of Prócoro Hernández, founding member of "El Tintero" and a great Vallarta writer:

Living in love is an art. It is then when we connect with the vibrations of this love, the sky clears, and we manage to hear the music of the spheres; the music of all hearts, of feelings, of trees, animals, and of every sentient being. We even hear the heartbeat of a stone. Many will not believe it and will ask, who do you think you are to say that a stone feels? Of course, they are life processes of an existence that perhaps we have already experienced. Remember that behind all matter there is an energy that is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms. And just as trees, plants, and animals feel and connect with this energy of love, all matter on this planet is connected to them. To that subtle energy that is the unconditional love of the great Creator. What are the characteristics of that vibrant, encompassing, and unlimited love? It is unconditional love, which is beyond the weak colors of conditioned love. Generally, humanity lives attached to this second manifestation of love. I love you if you love me, if you give me affection, loyalty, attention, respect, gratitude, and support. The moment you stop doing it, then I no longer love you. I don't want you anymore, and the anger comes; the egos of resentment, anger, pride, and vanity grow and darken your soul.