World Poetry Day.

Art and Music
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Let's celebrate the Spring Equinox with poetry.

"The Gata Foro Bar" is pleased to invite the entire community of literature lovers to celebrate World Poetry Day in the company of their loved ones, with the idea that more people open their hearts to the beauty of the awareness of our own cycles, among which is the Spring Equinox.

Poetry will be shared about the magic, strength, control, structure, and incredible form of Nature. Likewise, it is possible to attend to read and share with the various writers as deemed appropriate or even unpublished texts. The event will be hosted by Daniela Robledo, a Colombian writer based in Puerto Vallarta. There will also be music and everything related to the poetic act.

Poetry aloud highlights the greatness of the written word, involves the deepest emotions and feelings, and stirs the innermost being of humans with the idea that a revolution of beauty transforms their interior. Spring, moreover, is a cycle of fertility, it is the preparation for creation which requires the construction of Love that is achieved through values and these, in turn, are nourished by consciousness, by the practice of the verb "to Love" which is easier to understand through poetry.

We await you next Thursday, March 21st at 8 pm. Admission will be free, so don't hesitate and invite as many loving poets as you know, or bring that person who you know enjoys the caresses of words with sensitivity, who is moved by phrases, and whose eyes shine when the magic of poetry transforms the atmosphere.

La Gata Foro Bar Cultural Center

Matamoros Street 869-A, (Almost corner of Allende Centro)