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A casual interview for the literary youth of Puerto Vallarta.

We found Nirán Gyneth Casab Sánchez, the 17-year-old writer who continues to revolutionize the youth of Vallarta with her latest literary work: "Plan To Solve A Problem." In an interview with Vallarta Today, she told us the following.

Regarding her latest work, "I wrote this book mainly because we were all going through a difficult stage, I mean the Pandemic. At that time, I wanted to put everything I knew and my questions answered in a book that could help the people around me who were going through many problems or complicated situations, so I wanted to capture them in different chapters as a Plan for all those who need help solving their problems from my perspective or from what I was experiencing," commented Gyneth.

It is important for young people to be interested in helping the human beings of this planet to solve their problems and live better. Based on this, Gyneth told us that the main thing is to pay attention to oneself as an initiative because we cannot try to solve world problems if we cannot solve our own, so the first step is to find out how you feel about yourself, what you are going through, and how you can deal with it; especially with young people, because there are many misunderstandings because it is never accurate to know exactly how they feel because they are going through many changes and many emotions. So, it would be like recognizing how they feel and addressing it with the people around them so that they can find the solution to what is causing them conflict and then work on solving it in the world.

Regarding family influence, she commented that thanks to her mother also being a writer, she received unconditional support to complete her goal of writing a book, and without her, the publication of this literary work would not have been possible. So, she sincerely appreciates her mother's support.

About Puerto Vallarta, she said that she doesn't really know many organizations like the Los Mangos Library that support the goal of developing reading habits and wanting to write. She spoke of the Community of Poets and Writers (PYE) as a club she belongs to, which greatly contributes to cultural enrichment and heritage, as well as collaborating with other colleagues in the literary field. "She pointed out that she doesn't believe there is a true follow-up as such for young people, but that it depends more than anything on the initiative and determination of the young person to achieve their dream rather than on culture, although it is a relevant factor."

Today, Gyneth is writing an anthology of poems, which she emphasizes are some writings she would like to share with others. However, it is not yet finished, and she is still looking for a publisher to publish it.

"Young people, never give up on your dreams, you are not alone, and keep working hard for what makes you happy!" With this phrase, she closed the interview and invites you to search for her book "Plan To Solve A Problem" on the Amazon platform.