The Lionesses In Puerto Vallarta.

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Be a queen but roar like a lioness.

The analogy between a woman and a wild lioness is rich and evocative, highlighting aspects of strength, independence, and connection with nature. Like lionesses, women possess an innate strength that is often underestimated. Lionesses are the hunters and protectors in their groups, roles that require bravery, tenacity, and skill. Similarly, many women play crucial roles in their families and communities, displaying impressive strength and resilience in the face of challenges and adversities.

Independence is another trait shared between a woman and a wild lioness. Lionesses, although part of a pride, act with great autonomy when hunting and protecting their cubs. In the same way, women, in their pursuit of personal and professional independence, often navigate their own paths, making important decisions that affect their lives and those around them. This ability to operate with independence and self-sufficiency is a central aspect of their power and dignity.

The most important play for contemporary feminism, "The Lionesses," arrives. It is a play that brings together the talent of five top-level Mexican actresses: Victoria Ruffo, Angélica Aragón, Ana Patricia Rojo, Paola Rojas, Mara Patricia Castañeda, and Lupita Jones. The protagonists of this magnificent production make it clear that the legacy of a lioness, like that of a woman, is built daily. The stories of these five women form a fascinating mosaic that offers us a realistic vision of the human ability to face adversities. “The Lionesses” will teach you how to reclaim your emotional strength. Moreover, they will show you the path to free yourself from guilt, avoid attachments, and forge your own destiny, so that you can find the lioness within you. The new era of female empowerment is addressed from the perspective of the power that women have to overcome their fears and live resiliently. “The Lionesses” is a fun and deeply moving play that helps people regain their passion for living in fullness.

The lioness also symbolizes the fierce protector, a role that many women assume with intensity and passion. Just as lionesses defend their cubs and territory against any threat, women protect their loved ones with an almost primal instinct. This analogy emphasizes women's capacity to show impressive ferocity when it comes to the safety and well-being of those they love, balancing softness and strength in their protective role. A deep connection with nature is another characteristic that can be extrapolated in this analogy. Lionesses are in tune with their environment, using their intuition and natural knowledge to survive and thrive. Women often show a similar connection to their physical and emotional surroundings, using their intuition to navigate the complexities of life. This innate relationship with nature and intuition allows both lionesses and women to adapt and respond effectively to changes and challenges.

Leadership is a notable quality in both lionesses and women. Lionesses lead their prides with confidence and decision, setting the pace and direction for their groups. Similarly, women often emerge as leaders in their homes, workplaces, and communities, guiding with a combination of wisdom, empathy, and firmness. This capacity for leadership, based on experience and intuition, highlights the power of women as central and inspiring figures in society. Grace and majesty are characteristics that define both a woman and a wild lioness. Lionesses move with innate elegance and confidence, making them impressive and respected in their natural environment. Women also possess a unique grace, manifested in their way of facing life with dignity and composure. This analogy celebrates the duality of softness and strength, beauty and power, that characterizes both, highlighting the importance and value of women in all aspects of life.

The performance is on Friday, June 14, 2024, at 7 pm and 9:15 pm, two shows on the same day, of course, at the grand Teatro Vallarta. This play will mark a before and after in the Latin American theater scene. Therefore, you cannot miss it. Tickets at the box office or at

Be a queen, but roar like a lioness!