There Will Be Two Conferences On The History Of Puerto Vallarta.

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It's time to learn about the origins of Puerto Vallarta.

This coming Thursday, May 30th, there will be two encounters with the history of Puerto Vallarta. As part of the anniversary of our port, there will be a dual conference: "Ignacio Luis Vallarta Ogazón," given by Mtro. Felipe de Jesús Arreola Sedano, and "The postcard in Puerto Vallarta as a element of memory and tourist promotion," given by Moisés Hernández López.

Mtro. Felipe de Jesús Arreola Sedano is a renowned Mexican historian and academic, specializing in the regional history of Jalisco and its surroundings. He has dedicated much of his career to researching and disseminating local history, focusing on topics such as the formation of communities, the evolution of social structures, and the cultural traditions of the region. Arreola Sedano has authored and co-authored several books and academic articles addressing these themes, significantly contributing to the knowledge and preservation of Jalisco's historical heritage. In addition to his research work, he has been a professor at various educational institutions, where he has taught courses on regional history and has guided numerous students in their own research projects.

Meanwhile, Moisés Hernández López is another prominent Mexican historian, known for his studies on the history of Mexico and, in particular, for his focus on the social and economic history of the country. His work is characterized by rigorous analysis of historical sources and a deep understanding of the historical processes that have shaped the nation. Hernández López has extensively published on various topics, including colonial history, social movements, and Mexico's economic transformations throughout the centuries. In addition to his publications, he has participated in conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally, sharing his findings and contributing to the academic debate on Mexican history.

Both historians have played an important role in the understanding and dissemination of Mexico's history, each from their area of specialization and particular focus. Their work has not only enriched the academic field but has also helped society at large to better understand its past and cultural identity.

We look forward to seeing you at the Municipal Palace of Puerto Vallarta, in front of the Malecon Arches. Admission will be free. Don't miss it.