Avatar 2 Movie; Could Flop If It Fails To Sell Millions At The Box Office

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In case of failure it would be "the worst business case in history"

In a recent interview with GQ, director James Cameron said that beyond the criticism that his latest film "Avatar: The Path of Water", soon to be released, may receive, the film, considered one of the most ambitious of his career, must overcome a peculiar figure at the box office to ensure that the project is finally profitable to the millionaire investment that was made for its realization.

Thirteen years after James released the first installment of "Avatar", the filmmaker recalled that production processes and costs have changed monumentally, and although he is considered "a genius" for the financing and media success of his projects, he stressed that for "The Way of the Water" it must achieve at least a box office of at least 2 billion dollars to recover the investment and be considered commercially profitable in its first outing in theaters.

In 2009, "Avatar", in what was then its first and only installment, the film achieved a worldwide box office gross of $2.9 billion in net profits, including results from the sale of rights and promotional items in every region of the world, so now the pressure is on to try to surpass the profits it posted more than a decade ago.

Among the first budget cuts released by James, "Avatar 2" achieved a budget of $ 250 million for its realization prior to the entire advertising campaign, marketing and licensing for use and exhibition.

Cameron has referred on several occasions that "Avatar 2" is a "fucking expensive" movie and that in case of failure it would be "the worst business case in history", after -as in his first installment in 2009- he decided to venture into new processes and techniques of filming in water and visual effects that complement the experience of making more and more realistic his universe that began in the fictional world of "Pandora", and 13 years later, he did not hesitate to reinforce his creative process with more technology that skyrocketed his production costs as never before seen in a film of this type.

After its release in 2009, the first installment of the "Avatar" franchise earned more than 2.7 billion dollars worldwide and became the first film in the United States to hold this record, thus positioning itself as the highest-grossing film in history.

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