Theater Production: "What Are You Doing in My Living Room?"

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May 28th - Last Day of Pre-sale!

The musical theater production "What Are You Doing in My Living Room?" by Salvador Mascareñas will have its only performance on Sunday, June 4th, at 5:00 pm at the Vallarta Theater. This play is suitable for teenagers and adults, offering an enjoyable experience for all.

With live original music, a collective of artists has come together to bring this remarkable musical theater production to life. Salvador, originally from Reynosa Tamaulipas, laments the lack of audience for stage plays in Puerto Vallarta. However, he is determined to fight for the creation of a Vallarta audience.

This production was privately funded, without any support or supervision from private or governmental institutions. The entry is allowed for ages 13 and above, and there are no special pricing options, except for those who purchase during the pre-sale. The prices are as follows:

Special Preferred: $1,045.00

Disability: $1,045.00

Preferred: $825.00

Gallery: $660.00

This performance was previously presented with great success in 2017 as an original musical. It delves into family and relationship conflicts, common emotions that visit human beings to transform their lives. It is a play that will keep the audience fully engaged throughout its two acts.

The Vallarta Theater is a high-quality venue, a renowned forum that has hosted international productions. It boasts an exceptional stage, impeccable set design, and a stellar reputation, undoubtedly ensuring a magnificent spectacle for all attendees.