GAP Announces The Arrival Of More flights from the US

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The month of October begins with the arrival of more flights from the United States and, consequently, with more passengers from various cities in the American Union.

Just starting this weekend, airlines such as Alaska Airlines and United Airlines increased their number of flights from the United States, so that more frequencies and more tourists will arrive in Puerto Vallarta through the international route of this city. October started with the arrival of 28 national and international flights with tourists coming from Mexico City, Tijuana, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi and Monterrey, as well as from Dallas (Texas), San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. The International airport confirmed that in October there is a rise in the arrival of foreign tourism and in these first days of October a greater number of American tourism arrivals were already noticed in comparison to previous months. Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP), informed that as of this weekend more flights will be arriving, up to 43 operations in a single day, since on average there will be between 28 and 37 daily flights during the week. 


According to the tourism and airport authorities, in Puerto Valllarta, it is a fact that the arrival of tourism has already begun to rebound, especially if a comparison is made with previous months. With the coronavirus pandemic, between 2 and 4 flights per day arrived with an average of 15 passengers per flight; however, things began to change during the summer season, in July and August, with the operation of more national frequencies and some from the United States. Thus, according to the forecasts of Puerto Vallarta's International Airport, a total of 464 flights will arrive from October 1st to 15th, operated by different airlines and from several cities in Mexico and the United States, mainly after the flights from Canada started in the second half of this month.

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