Gathering Of The Puerto Vallarta Writers' Community

Human Interest
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Fostering Creativity and Collaboration: The Growing Community of PYE Writers

On May 29th, the PYE Community (Poets and Writers Community) gathered at the Los Mangos Library in Puerto Vallarta, in one of the library's workrooms. The event aimed to bring together the talented writers and poets of Puerto Vallarta, showcasing the literary brilliance of this prominent municipality in Jalisco.

The PYE Project was born with the idea of poets and writers sharing their passion, creativity, and talent with others involved in their craft. The synergy of their collective efforts generates motivation to continue producing works that resonate with society and pique the interest of readers. Together, this community of colleagues is building the foundation for tomorrow.

Reading allows us to know, discover, explore, and perceive the world in a different way. It enables us to recognize ourselves and be guided into unknown realms. However, every reading experience requires a source of origin, a guardian of the entire machinery—the writer. The writer is the translator of the universe's magic, the source of the written word, and the creator of literary works. They are the spark that ignites the fire of literature. Through writers, the world can maintain hope, transform itself, and confront its systems.

The PYE Community provides an opportunity for poets and writers to come together, share their works, support one another, and collectively build the beauty of life through their craft. The next gathering will take place on June 21st at the Los Mangos Library, where you can always seek further information and stay connected.