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Scientific and technological training and promotion of mezcals, axes of the recognition granted to the adopted daughter of Aguascalientes.

The 447th anniversary of the founding of the city of Aguascalientes was the formal framework for the naming of Mylenna López Castro, president of the Women Entrepreneurs of Maguey and Derivatives of Aguascalientes, as Adopted Daughter.

The recognition by the City Council to Mylenna for her continuous struggle and outstanding work in favor of women, promoting the culture of peace and development for the State of Aguascalientes, took place last October 22nd, at the Morelos Theater of the City of Aguascalientes, in an emotional ceremony presided by the municipal president Leonardo Montañez Castro, and, as guest of honor, the first woman Governor of the State of Aguascalientes, Dr. Teresa Jimenez Esquivel.

Tireless and passionate promoter of the linkage for the education and training of girls and women in technological professions and various skills for life and work, Mylenna is an electronic engineer and Master in Big Data. In addition, she is a social activist as a doctor of laughter to help women get out of situations of violence; and recently, Mylenna designed and organized a Master Mezcaleras Workshop of women learning from women, aimed at theoretical and practical training in the production of distilled agave beverages.

Mylenna López Castro presides, in Aguascalientes, over the IEEE Institute of Engineering, an international organization that is celebrating 100 years of work in Mexico and 30 years in the state of Aguascalientes. The Women in Engineering project aims to detonate the potential of women in science and technology careers. In Aguascalientes they work with girls in the fifth and sixth grades of primary education through training and linkages that provide opportunities for development and education in engineering and plan for the future through the culture of peace.

According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), of every 100 children who start elementary school in Mexico, only 21 complete a university degree; and of those 21 graduates, only five are women. It is for this reason that Mylenna works hard to unite the interests of various sectors and develops a penta-helix of linkage for the educational development of girls, and their families as protagonists of these projects, and thanks to the generosity of the companies of Aguascalientes, the will of state and municipal governmental organizations, the support of educational institutions and the management of civil organizations.

Every day, more universities and research centers in Mexico join IEEE's developing projects and the educational promotion of girls in engineering areas. Mylenna recognizes that the best part of this work is the satisfaction of appreciating the intellectual development of the participating girls, who overcome technological challenges for the generation of clean energy and various robotics or aerospace engineering challenges in various contests and competitions.

Mylenna is originally from Mexico City, but is grateful to have moved to Aguascalientes 26 years ago. The recognition as Adoptive Daughter of Aguascalientes fills her heart with pride and she is infinitely grateful to the people of Aguascalientes and its people. Firstly, because in the city of Aguascalientes grew up, her children were formed in a safe, friendly and blessed environment, with economic, educational and cultural opportunities that allow the development of successful professionals; and secondly, Mylenna's gratitude is for the enormous generosity of the citizens who through their donations make possible the projects linking engineering and girls.

To learn more about the world's largest technical professional organization whose primary purpose is to foster technological excellence and innovation for the benefit of humanity, visit https://ieee-ags.org/ieee/.