Mexican airline offers to reunite immigrant families for free

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A Mexican airline is offering free flights for families who get separated by President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

“It hurts us to see these children without their parents and it is our vocation to reunite them,” tweeted Controladora Vuela Cia de Aviacion, also known as Volaris.

The airline has agreed to work with authorities in both the US and Mexico, as well as Central America, in an attempt to bring the families together. Officials said they would be offering tickets on pre-existing routes “at no cost.”

“Volaris expresses its concern about the situation that some Mexican and Central American migrant families are facing in the United States,” the airline explained in a statement. “Since its founding, Volaris’ mission has been to unite families. Families belong together and our commitment is to help them stay together to better build their future.”

Several airlines have distanced themselves from Trump’s policy as it continues to spark outrage across the US. American Airlines and United have both asked the Trump administration to not use their aircraft when separating families.

“As a result of current events, and in compliance with international laws and conventions, Volaris announces its willingness to work in coordination with the authorities of the Unites States, Mexico and the countries where it operates in Central America to reunite, at no cost, the children with their parents,” the airline said. “It is heartbreaking to see children separated from their parents and it is our mission to reunite them.”

 Source: NY Post  

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