18 Million Pesos Will Be Invested To Fix Highway

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The federal Highway 200 to Mismaloya to be reconstructed

To fix road to Mismaloya part of the work tour carried out by the governor of the state of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, new works for Puerto Vallarta were announced.

The governor announced the rehabilitation of the Puerto Vallarta-Mismaloya highway, which will be carried out particularly on highway 514 that runs from the Puerto Vallarta town exit, passing through the Conchas Chinas subdivision up to Mismaloya, which is where it joins again with federal highway 200.

The works will be carried out due to the fact that the asphalt surface is already very damaged in the Conchas Chinas-Mismaloya section. The 12 kilometers will be rehabilitated and built with hydraulic concrete.

"The stretch, after the town, when one leaves the town, which is already in hydraulic concrete and is maintained in good condition, but then where the hydraulic concrete ends the road is already very damaged, we can already see a very old pavement and some points with the base already with structural damage," explained the governor.

For these rehabilitation works, Alfaro Ramírez confirmed an investment of 18 million pesos, after the improvement works will begin after the Holy Week and Easter season, in order not to hinder the vehicular traffic that will be registered during these dates.

The section of Federal Highway 200 after the town of Mismaloya, where the hydraulic concrete ends, is very damaged and there is old pavement.

For this reason, the governor headed the formal start of the work, although the works will be carried out after the Holy Week and Easter holidays are over.

The governor also announced an investment of 50 million pesos to carry out the rehabilitation of infrastructure for the 20 de Noviembre and 21 de Marzo schools.