Almost Ready, Cuale River Bridge

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Details of the new construction are being fine-tuned and its opening is being prepared.

The restructuring of the bridge will definitely be a work supported by the state of Jalisco, with a high quality infrastructure and architectural design, that is to say; the materials that have been used have had to pass high quality standards, a patented work to ensure that it can withstand future disasters that may occur.

The construction company in charge has highly trained personnel in the area, who have done an excellent job, making sure that the structures and foundations of the work are perfect, and have even carried out tests on the materials and components used for the construction of the bridge, which will undoubtedly be the best.WhatsApp Image 2022 04 06 at 5.17.21 PM 2

Engineers have had to work late into the night in order to speed up the processes for the completion of this long awaited work for Puerto Vallarta.

During this week the railings have been installed on the bridge, which are 6 meters long and weigh 315 kg.

It is estimated that a total of approximately 172 linear meters of the bridge, 29 stretches of pure handrail and almost 10 tons of steel.

To ensure the sustainability of the bridge, concrete beams were brought from Guadalajara in tractor-trailer trucks.

Each tractor-trailer loaded a concrete beam with a total weight of 36 tons each, thirteen tractor-trailers and brought the same amount of beams to Puerto Vallarta.

All of this has been installed, but there are still details of painting the railings and finishes.WhatsApp Image 2022 04 06 at 5.27.56 PM

It is worth mentioning that the first estimates indicate that the new vehicular bridge over the Cuale River could finally cost close to 1.4 million pesos.

The bridge was demolished by the strong current caused by hurricane "Nora" during the night and early morning of August 28-29 last year.

Engineers informed this media of the details of its completion, which could be 99 percent completed tomorrow night, and therefore they said it would be Friday morning, to proceed to its inauguration as already informed by Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, Governor of the State of Jalisco.