Businessmen Deliver Uniforms To Tourist Police

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A total of 150 uniforms were provided for their work


This Friday the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta and the business sector made the symbolic delivery of 150 uniforms to elements of the Tourist Police of the Citizen Security Department.

The delivery took place in an event hall of the Velas Vallarta Hotel and was attended by the commissioner of Citizen Security, Eloy Girón Alcuria, as well as Sara Mosqueda Torres, councilwoman president of the Public Security and Transit Commission, and representatives of the business sector and residents of Marina Vallarta.

This acquisition will improve the image of the officers, as they were also provided with the latest generation of footwear and boots, providing each element with a complete outfit, which represents an investment of a little more than 800 thousand pesos.

Girón Alcuria thanked the business sector for their support, as the synergy that exists helps to improve security issues, which is why it is important to maintain an open-door police force that is close to the citizens.

The performance and image of each element is important to transmit security to all those who live and visit this tourist destination, therefore the commissioner reaffirmed the commitment to work to have officers properly equipped and prepared under constant training in all topics that exist on public safety and human rights, in order to ensure the tranquility that we all deserve.


On her part, Councilwoman Sara Mosqueda recalled that on February 24, 2022 the first great contribution was made by the Residents of Marina Vallarta A.C., and from there little by little the goal was reached.

"It was a fact that it was going to be achieved, but today, we are already seeing the materialization of those contributions that each one of you made so that the Tourist Police may have worthy uniforms and may reflect the image of our Port", he referred.

He indicated that the joint work that has been achieved through the Security Committees, today 150 uniforms are delivered to the elements. He specified that in order to maintain the transparency of this entire process, the municipal government did not receive any type of resource, but rather the businessmen paid directly to the supplier of these garments.

"That is why I applaud the support of everyone, who with their rules decided to provide the police with these garments, which shows that always, when you want, you look for the best way; you can and you do it. Thus, the tourist police will now look more professional, more presentable and with that good face that we need to give to all those who visit us", he explained.

Also present were the president of the Association, Enrique Camargo Treviño, who welcomed those present; the administrator Jorge Antonio García, the counselors Luis Angarita, Jair Palacios and Alonso González, as well as the deputy director of Transit, Lieutenant Pedro Maldonado García.

It is worth mentioning that this support is achieved through the constant management and teamwork that the municipal government maintains with the different economic and social sectors of Puerto Vallarta, to strengthen the work that the police corporation carries out day by day in favor of the citizens.

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