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Foreigners celebrated St. Patrick's Day in Marina Vallarta

As every year, foreigners celebrated St. Patrick's Day, patron saint of Ireland. This traditional celebration entails dressing in green with attire such as hats, ties, necklaces, glasses and green costumes, as well as a special dish for the celebration and green beer.

In recent days Americans, Canadians, as well as English, and Irish, who enjoyed a meal offered by the restaurant Sticky Fingers, its owner Luis Rodriguez, host prepared a special dish cabbage, Irish broth stew, potatoes with shallots to accompany and dessert buns called scones and of course large quantities of green beer, could not miss for the celebration. At the same time, the tourists also wore T-shirts with the shamrock representing St. Patrick's Day, and green attire.

They were assigned their places very early in the morning, as they were arriving, since reservations had already been sold out a week before.
As usual, there was a raffle of wall clocks with the green symbol, an Irish shamrock, in the cross of St. Patrick.

St. Patrick was a Catholic missionary known as the patron saint of Ireland. He was a preacher and religious man from Britain, traditionally considered the introducer of Catholicism in Ireland, despite evidence of a presence on the island before him.

St. Patrick's Day - is a Christian holiday celebrated annually on March 17 to commemorate the death of St. Patrick of Ireland, patron saint of the entire island of Ireland located northwest of continental Europe.

Tourists celebrated with green drinks, singing and dancing in front of the Yacht Club, where the sunset made it a very special day.

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