Christmas Tree Is Lit In Galerias Vallarta

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Christmas season begins with a show of Christmas characters.

The Christmas season began at Plaza Galerias Vallarta, where this Tuesday the administration of the place, together with tenants, clients and friends lit the traditional Christmas tree. With the lighting of the tree begins what for many is the best time of the year, the Christmas season: with all its colorful lights, songs and gifts that make hope be reborn among people. With the lighting of the tree there was a lot of excitement among the attendees who also enjoyed the characters like Santa Claus, the elves, the reindeer, and in general the helpers of the gentleman in the red suit that makes Christmas possible.

At 7: 15 p.m. the show began with the Christmas characters, who danced and did pirouettes in the air as part of the show presented, with brightly colored costumes that gave life to the place, and delighted the children, Santa Claus gladdened the hearts of the little ones, who were watching the show with their parents, They also enjoyed the dances presented by these characters and at the end of the show the Christmas tree was lit and then confetti balloons fell from the sky as rain to celebrate the beginning of the season in the well known shopping mall, which at that moment was full of children and adults who were strolling and shopping in the place, besides the tourism of the boats that at that moment were passing by the place and whose attention was attracted. In this way the Christmas season started in Puerto Vallarta.

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