Concert On The Malecon Surprises Foreigners

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The North Americans enjoyed the songs and music offered by the Mexican Army 

Last Friday night, in the presence of American and local tourists, the band formed by members of the Mexican Army, based in Jalisco, presented an excellent concert, with musical themes of famous international singers such as Carlos Santana, Fredy Mercury, mariachi music and the unforgettable singer and movie actor Pedro Infante.

The atrium of Los Arcos del Malecón was immediately filled with national and foreign tourists who sat down to watch the concert, which they enjoyed singing and dancing along with the band.

It is worth mentioning that the 33 musicians, members of the Mexican Army, played different instruments very well in tune and coordinated, it was a spectacular concert, with the sunset in the background, and in the presence of authorities of the three levels.

The malecon was very well guarded by the army and the national guard who were attentive and maintained order at all times.

The people enjoyed admiring them and some tourists took pictures with them. At the end of the event the people asked for one more song as is done in concerts for which they kindly played one more piece and pleased the audience. Also the audience stood up as a sign of respect and admiration surprised that these handsome gentlemen of the army knew how to sing and play instruments, it is not common to witness a concert of this type; however, they fascinated the audience and especially the Americans who did not cease to be surprised, it was a special night

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