Five Thousands Unfilled Job Vacancies

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Vallarta urgently needs personnel to work during Easter week

The Puerto Vallarta Hotel and Motel Association estimates that the tourism industry in this region urgently needs to fill around five thousand job vacancies that have been available for many months.

The needs of the local tourism sector for skilled labor are present in hotels as well as in restaurants, businesses and stores of the industry, which has been seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic for the last two years.

The estimates of the Puerto Vallarta Hotel and Motel Association indicate that these five thousand unfilled vacancies so far this year represent about 10 percent of the labor force of this tourist destination in all areas.

The urgency to address this backlog in the coverage of employment sources in the city is even greater, due to the approaching Holy Week and Easter season, a period in which the hotel and tourism sector foresees the arrival of thousands of national vacationers, who will increase occupancy to 100 percent of its capacity.

This arrival of national tourism will coincide with the presence of foreign tourism, especially from the United States and Canada, which continues to arrive in Puerto Vallarta as part of the winter season, which could come to an end next May.


It is worth mentioning that before the coronavirus pandemic, which started in Puerto Vallarta in the second half of March 2020, the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM) in the north coast had a registry of 25 thousand unionized workers integrated to the local tourist industry.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic forced companies to lay off a good part of their workforce, leaving the figure at 18,600 workers affiliated to the CTM in the northern coast of Jalisco.

According to the Ministry of Tourism of Jalisco, in Puerto Vallarta there is a total offer of 26 thousand lodging rooms, of which 15 thousand 600 belong to the traditional hotel industry and the rest (10 thousand 400) belong to the time-sharing system.

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