Governor Announces New Works For Puerto Vallarta

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New investment of 30 million pesos to continue with the project of the Medina Ascencio Avenue laterals; as well as in April the rehabilitation of the bridge over the Cuale River will be concluded.

The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, announced at a press conference in Puerto Vallarta that this year the rehabilitation works on the sides of Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, the main entrance of the municipality, will continue with a 30 million pesos grant from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works (SIOP), which will carry out the work. "We agreed with the municipal authority that we are going to finish the sides of Medina Ascencio Avenue, it is one of the priority projects in terms of urban image, this year we have programmed 30 million pesos, but we estimate that we can still increase this fund to advance a much larger section," said the governor.

The governor announced that during the first days of April he will make a new work tour to Puerto Vallarta to deliver the rehabilitation work of the bridge that crosses the Cuale River, which was destroyed by the water flooding during the effects of hurricane "Nora" on August 28 and 29 of last year. "The first week of April we will be here, if the president receives us, delivering this work and I also want to tell the merchants that we are preparing in the state government an emergency support plan for these days or these weeks that the work was delayed due to supply problems, to help them as we have always done and we will be in the first week of April delivering this work already completed," said Alfaro Ramirez. At the press conference, held at the Marriott Hotel, the Governor of Jalisco was accompanied by the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Luis Alberto Michel Rodriguez.

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