Operations Are Being Carried Out In Vallarta

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The operation continues during this week

Traffic authorities are carrying out random accident prevention and awareness operations at different points in Puerto Vallarta.

The goal is to raise awareness among motorcyclists and motorists who drive through the municipality every day.

During the actions carried out, several motorcycles without license plates or whose drivers have been discovered driving without the minimum security measures have been removed from circulation. The operation will continue until it is finished.

Penalties will continue to be applied in accordance with the Mobility Regulations. In the last week, 457 tickets were issued for different administrative offenses: 14 for not carrying license plates, 37 for lack of helmet and documents, 55 for lack of lights, 36 vehicles for using tinted windows, 14 for lacking a license plate and 172 more tickets for driving without a seat belt.

As a result of these operations, 38 motorcycles were detained and taken to the impound lot, in addition to being placed at the disposal of the corresponding authority, as well as 9 private vehicles. In addition, 52 more "other" tickets were issued.

It is worth mentioning that in the aspect of driving while talking on the phone, 8 folios were registered for this concept.

It is important to remember that motorcyclists must have their license plates and documents up to date, their lights on, ride in the assigned lane, as is the case of motorcycles over 150 c.c. in the center lanes and those of lower cylinder capacity in the side lanes, as well as with their protective helmet and not exceed the load capacity.

It is important to park in permitted places and respect the yellow line that means NO parking in that place.