River Cuale Bridge To Be Completed

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Could be ready in the first week of April.

Workers at the construction site of the vehicular bridge over the Cuale River confirmed that the construction of the new infrastructure will be completed in the first week of next April. The bridge was demolished by the strong current caused by hurricane "Nora" during the night and early morning of August 28 and 29 last year. Since then, municipal and state authorities recognized the need to build a new bridge that would connect from south to north to enter downtown Puerto Vallarta through Insurgentes Street. It is for this reason that almost seven months after it was demolished, engineers and responsible workers are accelerating the work to deliver it on time, as announced last week by the Governor of the State of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez.

A few days ago, those responsible for the work reported some delays in the construction, due to the lack of materials, although these have already been solved. The first estimates point out that the new vehicular bridge over the Cuale River could have, in the end, a cost close to 1.4 million pesos.

A series of modifications have been made to the construction of the Cuale River bridge to improve its operation in case of future disasters, as well as some modifications have been made on the river to improve the flow of the river. These changes and adaptations have taken a little more time to be made, but have been necessary to make the construction stronger and more resistant to any event that may occur, so it is expected to be completed the first days of the month if there are no setbacks.

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