Sanctions Are Coming To "pirate" Drivers.

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Statewide operations against InDriver announced for Easter Week

From April 10 to April 24, which corresponds to Holy Week and Easter Week, the Jalisco Secretary of Transportation (Setran) has announced that a series of operations will be carried out on Indriver drivers.

The objective will be to detect "pirate" drivers, in Vallarta, in order to provide certainty to tourists. This was informed by the head of the agency, Diego Monraz, who said that "we are going to have more presence and we are going to send personnel from Guadalajara to come and cover Holy Week and Easter Week in this zone". He affirmed that beyond being against the digital transportation platform InDriver, "it is to give certainty to the tourist, that they are not going to get on a pirate unit because it does not give them any certainty of security, yes we are going to have reinforcement of operations".

He informed that the platform has not wanted to be regularized before the Secretariat, unlike Uber and DiDi that already have permits for their operation in Puerto Vallarta. He detailed that in the first two months of the year 34 pirate units were detained, after 42 cars were detained from October to December 2021, "this is to avoid situations of insecurity that could be generated

It is worth mentioning that this operation by the government is carried out to safeguard the safety of tourists visiting this port, to avoid problems that may arise when boarding a transportation service unit, not knowing its origin, for the safety of the passenger.
It is recommended to use Uber and DiDi units that are safe and registered with the government.

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