Seeking To Promote The Habit Of Reading And Books

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More than 50 publishers will be present at the Plaza de Armas.

For 13 days, material will be on display to encourage reading in people of all ages, with the objective to create a taste for reading and books.

The exhibition offers books from publishers, as well as didactic material, so that children can develop skills at an early age.

There is a great variety of books, with prices ranging from 50, 70 and 100 or more than 100 pesos, depending on the publisher and the context of the book.

Everyone is invited to this reading fair, promoted by the Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta, in the Plaza de Armas, an area close to the Malecon of this city.

They will be able to tour the different stands offered by this book fair, where children are invited to participate in activities such as cube making, puzzles, as well as the creation of drawings with the use of a device called a pyrograph, which is very useful to foster creativity and mental development in the creation of spirograms.

The use of this device for a period of 15 minutes will help them improve their handwriting, coordination, memory and creativity.

The program of cultural activities will conclude on the 28th of this month, and after that there will be three more days of exhibition and sale.

The exhibition also includes anime posters, and books of all comic series, Marvel, among others, for the entertainment of this sector of readers interested in these topics.

There is also a section of books in English for North Americans interested in acquiring a book during their stay in Puerto Vallarta.

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