Tourist Arrivals To Vallarta Are On The Rise

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It is estimated that this week tourists will arrive by road, air and sea.

Since last weekend tourists have been arriving by air and road, which is why Puerto Vallarta will have the best vacation period ever, according to the Director of Tourism and Economic Development of the municipality, Ludwig Estrada Virgen.

He announced that for this Holy Week and Easter vacations, there are great expectations, the highest since 2019, remembering that records were reached in air operations in the destination.

Many people are arriving by road, foreign bus companies have been forced to implement extra runs, in addition to the constant arrival of international cruise ships to this Port, and the number of passengers arriving by air to Puerto Vallarta is more notorious than at the beginning of the pandemic.

Ludwig also informed that hotel occupancy will be increasing these days and will surely reach 100 percent occupancy. To which will be added the one hundred percent who use lodging platforms, who rent houses or apartments, which will leave a very important income.

Estrada Virgen informed that the offices (Downtown, Marina Vallarta, Parque Hidalgo, Parque Lázaro Cárdenas and El Pitillal) and modules (Playa Camarones, Playa de Oro and Malecón) of the agency will be open every day of the vacation period in order to inform visitors and attend to complaints in conjunction with the Secretary of Tourism.

He also called on service providers to offer quality service so that visitors can have the best experience.

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