Vaccines Are Still Available In Vallarta

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La Lija, has around 35 thousand more biologics available

After the low attendance in the first and second day of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign for people over 18 years of age in Puerto Vallarta, there are still enough AstraZeneca doses for those who are missing the first and second, as well as booster doses in the city.

Today will be the third and last day scheduled for this week and it will be held only at the macro module of the cultural and recreational center of the sports unit La Lija, which has around 35 thousand more bologics available, out of the 40 thousand doses that were sent to Puerto Vallarta for these three days.

This Monday and Tuesday a low flow of people was reported, as opposed to other campaigns in which long lines were formed along several streets in the vicinity of La Lija.

However, this time there were fewer people who came for first and second doses, as well as for booster doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

It is for this reason that the Ministry of Health of Jalisco is calling the population in general to take advantage of the last of the three days that will be held in Puerot Vallarta this week, from nine in the morning to half past four in the afternoon.

In spite of the fact that next week, also from Monday to Wednesday, similar vaccination days are planned, Salud Jalisco asks not to be overconfident and to come as soon as possible.

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