Vallarta Hidden Gem: Temoc Auto Works

Living in PV
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If you have lived in Puerto Vallarta long enough, you are well aware of the narrow, bumpy, pot hole filled roads, large, loose rocks, the random, sometimes invisible topes (speed bumps), the low branches, leaning power poles, and odd choices of parking spaces. Chances are that you have had some sort of ding, fender bender, or even an actual crash.

If that is the case, then the perfect solution to your particular problem is one of PV's hidden gems. A little place out on the edge of Las Mojoneras called “Temoc's Auto Works” Temoc Gutierrez was born and raised in Mexico but moved to Oregon to make a better life for himself. He started learning the auto body repair business in the early 2,000's and soon began buying cars, repairing them and reselling them on his own. He also worked for two professional body shops in Portland where he learned from the best and got his certification for automotive collision repair. Brimming with skill and confindence, Temoc opened up his own shop in Grants Pass, Oregon. His business grew but his heart had never left his beloved Mexico so in 2016, he moved to Puerto Vallarta with his wife, two daughters and all the pets. Initially he worked for a Chevrolet dealership in order to learn the different way business is done in Mexico. He decided to open up his own shop in August of 2018 and has been building his business up, just as he did in the States. Temoc is a big believer is honesty, integrity and friendliness. His motto is “I love what I do and I will take the time to get the job done right” Take your vehicle to Temoc's Autoworks. It's only about 5 kilometers north of town in Las Mojoneras. You will get it repaired quickly, properly and with fair and honest pricing. Temoc is a great guy and we always want to keep our local businesses first so go see or call him today.You'll be glad you did.