Young People Collect Garbage In The Malecon

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In this way they promote not to litter in order not to pollute.

Yesterday afternoon and evening, students from the CUCOSTA University's Culture and Sports program went out yesterday to walk the streets of the Malecon to collect garbage, which they left and registered at "Los Arcos del Malecon", where they had the garbage collection center of the Centro Universitario de la Costa.

The garbage bags were counted by kilos of garbage from each team of young people, with a total of 26 teams of students studying Culture and Sports.

Through the sport, which represents a physical activity, by which the students walked through different streets of downtown, near the boardwalk at a certain distance, they lifted numerous kilos of garbage, through plastic bags that were weighed in kilos. At the end everything was counted and a winning team was selected, which won several prizes from the sponsors of the event, which took place at Los Arcos del Malecon in Puerto Vallarta.

The youngsters also informed that there was another youth gathering in other parts of the city.

There were 26 teams in total that participated, each team of 8 participants, in a time of 35 to 40 minutes they left and arrived running to deliver the bags, so the team with the most kilos of garbage and speed won the prizes.

The event lasted from 7 to 9 p.m. yesterday, Wednesday April 6th in Puerto Vallarta.

Some of the prizes were the gymnasium granted by a gymnasium sponsor of the event, among other important prizes, as well as dinners in restaurants.

The first team collected 35 kilos of garbage reported a student who was part of the competition.

The event was held to support the environment and show the community the importance of not throwing garbage in the streets and city; to avoid pollution on beaches and port, highlighting the importance of putting garbage in trash cans and for people to collaborate by not throwing garbage and helping to maintain a clean city, free of pollution.

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