Free Spay and Neuter Clinic This Week

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Come take advantage of the free spay and neuter clinic this week Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


Peace Animals/PV Angels offers a free spay and neuter clinic about once a month in Puerto Vallarta. This week you can bring your dog or cat (or male rabbit) to their free mobile clinic located in colonia El Progreso, Calle Nochebuena #646. This is a neighborhood off the De Los Poetas road. It is a bit far out but easy-to-follow main roads will get you into the neighborhood. Your best bet is to use a navigator or googlemaps.

There is no appointment necessary, just bring your pet early to make sure they can get you in. Registration starts at 7:30am, and the line begins forming around 7:00. Animals should not be given food or water for the previous 12 hours. Please bring dogs on leashes or in kennels, and cats contained in kennels or boxes. Cats and dogs can be spayed while in heat, and unwanted pregnancies can be terminated on request. They can also administer euthanasia to extremely ill or injured cats and dogs. They will accept up to 5 pets per person per day. Even if you do not have a pet in need of spay or neuter, you can bring a street dog or cat, or that of a neighbor.

Please help make a difference in your community to control pet population, particularly among strays who have no home. Besides the obvious of them needing to find food and shelter every day, they are also not medically treated or vaccinated, which puts our cared-for pets at home at a higher risk of encountering disease. Roaming strays are also at a high risk or being hit by cars, and some can be violent and even form packs. Spayed and neutered dogs and cats also live longer and have a reduced risk of cancer, and pets may behave less aggressively or excitedly. Male dogs will have a reduced inclination to roam or mark their territory, and their urine will be less pungent. 

The clinic could also use volunteer help and donations, including the donation of lunches for their volunteers. Please contact them on their webpage, facebook, or email to find out how you can help, anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. 

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