House Hunters in Puerto Vallarta

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househuntersfrontSome people dream. Others make dreams come true.

The television show HOUSE HUNTERS INERNATIONAL, produced by HGTV network gives us a glimpse into the latter. Dreamer or decider, we recommend watching this show that has featured Puerto Vallarta nearly two dozen times. Puerto Vallarta is a chosen destination for House Hunters, second only to Paris.

The format of the show involves interested buyers, usually a couple, with some conflicts in goals for their new home. While a lot of the filming is done after the home has been chosen, the plotline stays true to the course of the buyers journey from interest to purchase. It is absolutely fascinating to watch, and the popularity for the show is out the top, with 447 episodes airing last year. The producers have been just as astonished as viewers regarding the recognition and fame. It’s been great for Puerto Vallarta. It’s a good primer and will not only give a basic introduction of what’s available for sale in Puerto Vallarta, it also shoots around town so one gets a look at the beauty and atmosphere of the town.

One thing House Hunters International makes very clear in their installments filmed in Puerto Vallarta; this is not only a perfect place to invest in a retirement home, it’s an ongoing investment for people willing to use rental agencies, such as VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) or Airbnb type sites.

Puerto Vallarta is not simply a vacation spot. Visitors will find that we maintain a small town ambiance, combing everything from elegance to hipster paradise. International reviews on interests such as hotels, beaches, music, food, nightclubs are Five-Star and our Malecón, fondly featured on House Hunters, is unsurpassed.

Houses, condos and bungalows are available are offered within the confines of Old Town, Zona Romantica and the tropical hillsides bordering the town, as well as outlying areas up and down the coastline. Take a tour with House Hunters and then book your trip to Puerto Vallarta to see for yourself. We can guarantee one you discover the jewel of the Pacific coast, your heart will never be the same.