Three Outstanding Vallarta Abuelos Students Awarded University Scholarships

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The Vallarta Abuelos are a group of Mexicans and expats in Puerto Vallarta who support educational and cultural projects for at-risk children. Most of these low-income kids live with grandmother or single working mom.

On Monday, Nov 23, 2020, Chiara Montante, the president of the Pleneurethics Society of Takoma, WA, presented three $5,000 US dollar scholarships to Vallarta university students. “Each of these youth have shown excellent character, determination, community service, and academic strength throughout high school and college,” said Mrs. Montante.

The three awardees were nominated by the Vallarta Abuelos, a local nonprofit that works with at-risk children in Vallarta. “This is the first scholarship presented by the Pleneurethics Society in Mexico,” said Ms. Montante, “and we are honored to support the high quality work we see these students doing, given the incredible obstacles and very busy lives they lead. They are really remarkable.”

Each awardee must research a topic relating to the mission of the society, which has to do with ways for seniors to achieve a full, healthy and happy life.

The three awardees are:

Dayhana Marleen Cibrian Flores – a student at Universidad Arcos. Dayhana’s research topic is Successful Mexican Techniques for Seniors to Avoid Dementia and Improve their Quality of Life

Yolanda Salgado Bautista – a student at the Universidad Vizcaya. Yolanda’s research topic is Family or Living Alone, a Cross Cultural Study: Which Brings Greater Well-Being for the Elderly?

Eduardo Alejandro Estrella Caballero – a student at UNIVA. Eduardo’s research topic is Lessons for a Healthy and Harmonious Life, from the Mexican Cultural Perspective

For more information about the projects of Vallarta Abuelos, please see their Facebook page.

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