Bar Access In Vallarta Will Be Monitored

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Authorities will monitor compliance with the regulation of presenting a vaccination certificate to enter bars.

As of today it is required to present a certificate or a negative covid-19 test of less than 48 hours to enter bars in Puerto Vallarta. The authorities will be watching that the indications imposed by the Jalisco Health Board are complied with, in order to avoid the increase of covid-19 infections and to keep the population safe. Antros, bars and casinos will also be monitored to maintain a capacity of 75% of the place's capacity, which implies that there must be a distance between diners and that the tables or social areas must not be full, since it must be clearly established with markings which places are cancelled.

It is important that these measures are made known in a general way not only to the local public but also to foreigners, so it is expected that they will also be transmitted in English, so that there are no doubts among the North Americans who are here for the winter period. There will be regulatory personnel making tours of all the bars, particularly during the night shift. This provision was taken based on a series of indicators that show the high number of infections of the Omicron variant, which again have caused conflict in the medical services, so it was determined that the nightlife activities have a control in the capacity and such restrictions, as in bars, clubs and nightclubs, there are crowds of tourists.