Joyeria Yoler, the Most Chic and Exclusive in Vallarta

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yoyeria showcaseOne of the most solid jewelry stores in Puerto Vallarta is Yoler Jewelry, with more than 18 years in Old Town, satisfying the needs of local and international tourists visiting the port.


Yoler is located in the romantic area of ​​Puerto Vallarta and is very famous because it also has a factory within the jewelry, whose main objective is to meet the needs of the client. The fine jewels are manufactured with the highest quality standards, which is why they handle exclusive brand designs, which you can buy.

There are exclusive designs of the Yoler brand as well as jewelry made with opal, material that you only find in the state of Jalisco and Australia, this being a very valuable gemstone with different tonalities, with which rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces are made.

The opal is a precious stone that is extracted from the rock and is formed with the passage of thousands of years, this Mexican beauty is in the state of Jalisco and with it fine jewelry is made combined with diamonds and exclusive designs.

Yoler is the ideal place to buy a fine jewel with an exclusive design and also has parking and delivery to your home for your safety.

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