Puerto Vallarta Municipal Market

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imgblog 8 mainfrontThe Municipal Market is located at the very heart of the historical centre of Puerto Vallarta.

It provides the visitor with an ample range of artisan products, traditional clothing, jewellery and typical Mexican food. Modern and practical, it was inaugurated on 28th November 1979. It has two floors, 159 stands and 132 shop owners. Two murals embellish the front of the building, “Typical Market and its People” and “the Iguana from the Cuale”, both works from the restorer Ernesto Garridos.

Leather products, traditional sweet foods, silver jewellery, wooden toys, flip flops with motifs from Vallarta, hats, manta clothes, guayaberas (jacket like shirts), jorongos (ponchos), swim wear and countless souvenirs from the city can be found in its corridors.

On the second floor the aromas remind us of Mexico’s rich gastronomy and will leave your mouth watering. The traditional fondas (tavern) have on offer: shrimp broth, chicken with mole sauce, stuffed chilies, fish, tacos, baked onions, fresh water, “aguas frescas”(flavoured water) just to mention a few of the most delicious dishes that can be savoured at reasonable prices.

Source: Visit Puerto Vallarta