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  What a pleasure to reach you through this medium and share a theme rather than allows us to see the importance of having our life project.


  • A mediocre man living with illusions
  • A successful man has clear goals
  • A successful search results because it is visible after a great purpose.

When writing a general plan or project, it must have head, heart, body and spirit.

The head of a project is a good plan with well thought out strategies and programs and calculated, with goals, targets and deadlines.

The heart of the project is the attitude and confidence. That which is born of your self, your conviction, the level of motivation and enthusiasm with you undertake every day action. The heart has to keep that flame burning until the day of the project.

The spirit of the project you are and the core values ​​on which struggles.

The body are daily actions and visible results.

With the strategy, internal values ​​that motivate you, and the burning desire and your daily schedule, dreams and desires are transformed into concrete goals and targets in these precise actions in visible results. So success is cooked over low heat.

task1  task2 

Tasks for success

  •  Unforgivable daily goals: Record your four major goals for tomorrow. You must comply unforgivably did you will fulfill it?
    Commitment Achiever: Just in case tomorrow various daily distractions distract you from your goals, let's make a deal. Will you commit to comply, your word confirm in writing its realization. There will be no excuses or pretexts children and put your signature at the bottom. It will be fun and productive as they begin to acquire the healthy habit of being responsible and expect amazing results at the end of the week and the month.
  • Goals and commitments this week: Write down the 10 main goals of this or next week. Commit to meet these goals without drama or apology. They put yourself goals. Starts with Respect you what your heart wants to do.
  1. Reviewing monthly goals: Write down your top 10 goals for the current month.
  2. Reviewing quarterly goals: Write down your most important goals of next quarter.
  3. A man without goals is like an archer without target , without bow and arrows.
  4. A man with clear goals and have the victory in his mind.

[readon1 url="https://notivallarta.com/2013/03/22/nuestro-proyecto-de-vida/"]Source:notivallarta.com - Translated by: Suyapa M Ajuria[/readon1]