Ramón Manages Four Major Projects

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The objective is to stimulate construction in the most marginalized communities, the construction of a slaughterhouse, among other aides for this productive sector

Cabo Corrientes Jalisco News.- The construction of a slaughterhouse in Puerto Vallarta, the management of resources for building by 25 million pesos from the State Funds of Social Infrastructure (FISE), this for the most marginalized rural communities, the validation of the projects tagged by the congress for 11 million pesos and the expansion of the technical development of the risk unit of Las Palmas, were the four productive projects that the municipal president of Puerto Vallarta, Ramón Guerrero Martínez, presented this Friday to the Minister of Rural Development, Héctor Padilla Gutiérez, during the first business meeting that the sate official held with the mayors of the district and the federal and local deputies, in the municipality of Cabo Corrientes. 

In the case of the slaughterhouse, the mayor pointed out that this proposal is trying to move this building from the central area, besides fulfilling with all of the requirements of the procedural norms and even certifying the meat that is produced here. For this motive, he detailed, we can dispose of a 2 acre plot in the deputation of Las Palmas, and it will have a cost of about 60 million pesos in its first stage and it would benefit this metropolitan area of Puerto Vallarta - Bahía de Banderas.

On the subject of the Irrigation Unit, he pointed out that the executive project is already made for the technical development of nearly 2 thousand acres, which is intended to be included in the expansion program of the irrigation areas of the state government, for the use of these plots.

With respect to the FISE, he indicated that this program allows for the accomplishment of projects such as the stone paving of streets, the construction of a sewage network and the distribution of drinking water in rural communities with a high a high level of marginalization, for which motive a list of the considered projects in the municipality, which adds up to 25 million pesos was delivered, intending that the majority of them could be included in this fund.

Guerrero Martínez took advantage of this meeting to thank the minister of the SEDER, for his support with the machinery for the realization of preventive projects that are currently taking place in the city and he celebrated that these types of encounters happen for the benefit of all the municipalities.

In this meeting, which is the first that is made under the scheme that gathers the municipal presidents of the 14 municipalities of the district, producers of the region and state authorities, it was agreed that in three months there will be a second session for following the themes and projects here exposed.

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