Employment Will Improve In Jalisco

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aempleoGUADALAJARA, JALISCO (01/NOV/2012.) - The U.S. economic slowdown and assemblers of cars that will not install in the State, are the main reasons why it will not reach the goal of 52,000 jobs 2012, said Jaime Eduardo Martinez Flores, head of the Ministry of Economic Development (SEPROE) of Jalisco.

Martinez Flores said that the construction sector has been the one that has suffered the creation of jobs and the trend could continue until March. For this last quarter is expected to generate jobs, but will mainly temporary.

"December is traditionally rests many people in the area of ??construction, there are certainly temporary employment growth holiday season, but low construction is expected and the forecast did Coparmex (Confederation of the Mexican Republic) finish around 38,000 to 40,000 new jobs, "he said.

On the tour he did, along with employers to promote Digital Creative City (CCD) in Canada, said that at this time working in the computer node and the construction project: "I interviewed with three companies interested even as some have programmers working in Guadalajara elsewhere and intended to learn more about the business plan of Creative City to see if they move to an apartment or somewhere. Some companies are concerned, are evaluating and seeing how it turns the evolution of the first stage and are in the process of socialization, this year is not going to see

[readon1 url="http://www.informador.com.mx/economia/2012/414830/6/hasta-marzo-mejorara-la-creacion-de-empleo-en-jalisco.htmi"]Source:www.informador.com.mx - Translation by Suyapa Ajuria[/readon1]