Puerto Vallarta Airport Redesign Nears Completion??

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Well it is almost complete, after many years of waiting and months of turmoil, the long awaited improvements at our PVR airport are just about complete.

The Good...

The Bad...

The Ugly...



The Good!

Millions of pesos have been spent in an effort to modernize our International airport in Puerto Vallarta. (PVR)

Many new well designed restaurants and relaxing areas have been added for departing tourists and travelers

The Bad!

The traffic patterns in the airport are now funneling all travellers domestic and International to one door to the terminal receiving area.  This has caused a much worse blockage where the time share and taxi companies are competeing for the attention of people.  This redesign of the exit has created the worst gauntlet ever!

The machine to pay for your parking ticket is in the terminal so you get to your car and need to go back to the terminal to pay the ticket. Kind of ridicules that you get all your baggag, travel all the way to the car in the parking lot and then find out you need to pay the parking ticket in the terminal. Once again you are forced to go back through the time share and taxi gauntlet...  Walking back through the crowd at the door, I wonder if this was done on purpose.

The Ugly!

The International customs People Mover walking belt is still broken after being installed improperly in 2011.  This device is essential for the hundreds of tourists and travelers that arrive from other countries.  It is our first impression and leaves new arrivals with a sense that Vallarta does not care.

The designers and implementors of the bad and ugly should be ashamed!